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NewThe Patrol Supervisor1.png
  • 18”x24”x1” Closed

  • 24”x36”x1/2” Open

  • Weight: 8 pounds

  • Non-Magnetic Panels

  • Mounting Strap (for side vehicle mounting)

  • Battery Operated LED Gooseneck Light

  • Black Dry Erase Marker

  • Carrying Case for Board and Accessories

(not including tax and shipping)

The Patrol Sergeant Board is compact and lightweight. It weighs 8 pounds but packs a punch when dealing with small to medium incidents. It contains the ICS 201. You will be able to manage a variety of incidents with confidence.

Our top selling board





  • Description:

  • 23"x32"x1" closed

  • 46"x32"x1/2" open

  • Non-magnetic panels

  • Weight: 14 pounds

  • Tri-Fold Command Board

  • Carrying case

  • Battery operated LED light

  • Dry erase marker (black)

  • Dry eraser

  • Mounting strap

(not including tax or shipping)

This is our most popular board. It allows for a lightweight compact design to be placed in supervisor vehicles. It will allow your field supervisors to run small and medium scale incidents that Law Enforcement deal with on a daily basis. This includes Perimeters, Bomb threats, Barricaded suspects, Hostage incidents, crime scenes, small protests and more. This will help any supervisor with incident management regardless of training or experience. It contains the ICS 201.




Click on picture below for format layout and additional pictures.

LEO Command Center Board

  • 40"x50"X1" closed

  • 80"x50"x1/2" open

  • Non-magnetic panels

  • Weight: 32 pounds

  • Tri-fold Command Board

  • Four Dry Erase Markers

  • 36" Paper clip bar will hold 60+ sheets of paper

  • French Cleat Mounts for wall installation

(not including tax or shipping)

The Command Center Board allows for large scale incident management such as civil unrest, protests, large events lasting several days. It can also be used for Unified Command for large scale terrorism acts, fires or other natural disasters.


You can manage and monitor several incidents that are occurring within your main incident. It includes SITSTAT / RESTAT, Incident summary for the 24 hour period as well as the total time of the incident, Mutual aid, Unified command, Agency representatives,  shift deployment of personnel and more.


This board is mounted at a station or on a mobile command vehicle via a French cleat system. This allows for quick removal and set up between the two locations.


Battalion Chief

  • 23"X32"X1"” Closed

  • 46"X32"X1/2"” Open

  • Weight: 15 pounds 

  • Non-Magnetic Panels

  • Four 13”x22” Magnetic Insert Panels (active shooter, mass casualty incident, highrise, and brushfire).

  • Mounting Strap (for side vehicle mounting)

  • Battery Operated LED Gooseneck Light

  • Black Dry Erase Markers                    

  • Magnetic Eraser

  • Microfiber Towel

  • Carrying Case for Board 

(Not including tax or shipping)


L.E.O Command Boards are manufactured by Laguna Manufacturing. Laguna Manufacturing has built a solid reputation within the law enforcement industry, having produced quality products to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States for the last 27 years.  Rest assured that we stand behind our product.


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